4 Christmas recipes to make you look like a pro

Being the chief chef at Christmas can be stressful!  We’ve pulled together a handful of easy recipes that are fuss-free and easy to prepare.  With the help of family members, these will be ready in a flash.

Christmas Crostini

Have you planned your Christmas Day menu yet?  Christmas means crostini!  The green peas combined with grilled prawns bring a little colour into this seasonal entertainer.  Brumby’s French Stick creates the perfect vehicle for the sweet prawns.  View the recipe here.


Christmas Stuffing Balls

Serve these beauties on the side with your Christmas dinner for a little something different for the festive season.  Little hands make the perfect little helpers!  Get the recipe here.


 Summer Fruit Pudding

We appreciate that not everyone is a Christmas Pudding fan, our Summer Fruit Pudding is a bright and lighter alternative.  Get the recipe here.


Seasoned Christmas Stuffing

Break away from store-bought stuffing  This from scratch recipe is so easy and full of flavour, you’ll never buy from a store again!  Get the recipe here.

BBH2473 - 540x500px - seasoned stuffing

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Season’s Greetings.

Published 03.11.2017, Words by: Sara McPhail,