Ghoulishly good Halloween treats

Our scary snacks & terrifying treats are perfect for a ghoulish Halloween party.  They are a fun way to use up every day items and get the kids involved for a freakishly good time!

Ghost Pizza Toast

The scariest thing about these pizza toasties is how fast the little ones will devour them!

Super easy to prepare, all you’ll need is: 1/2 Brumby’s Block loaf of choice, 1/2 cup of passata or tomato paste, 8 slices mozzarella and black sliced olives.  Slice the cheese into strips.  Spread each slice of bread with passsata and zig zag the top with the cheese to create a mummy bandage effect.  Bake in a moderate oven until the cheese is melted.  Dot the cheesey ghosts with two olive eyes and serve.

Mummy pizza

Hauntingly-good Cupcakes

These are super fun and easy to make!

You can purchase cupcakes from Brumby’s Bakery, and add fun and spooktacular additions to the icing to create scary faces and monster-mummies by adding chocolate candies to create eyes and licorice for mouths!

Halloween cupcakes

Creepy Mummy Finger Sandwiches

For this  simple recipe for spooky finger food you will need:

  • Thin sliced white Brumby’s bread, crusts removed
  • Soft margarine
  • Cream cheese or peanut butter
  • Almonds
  • Strawberry Jam
  1. Gently flatten the slices of bread with a rolling pin to make them more pliable.
  2. Spread with a little margarine and some cream cheese or peanut butter.
  3. Roll up the sandwiches and make three indentations with a blunt knife to form the finger joints.
  4. Trim the ends of the fingers into a ‘V’ shape and stick an almond on to each tip with a little cream cheese to form the nails.

mummy fingers

Now for the gruesome bit—add a dollop of strawberry jam over the end of the finger for the blood!

Banana Ghosts & Orange Pumpkins

Kids love candy at Halloween (let’s face it, most of the time), so here’s a healthier alternative that the little ones will enjoy creating, and eating!

For this cute and simple recipe, all you need is a small bunch of bananas, a handful of mandarins and some sultanas for decoration.

Simply peel the bananas and chop in halves (depending on the size).  Stand the banana halves on their ends and dot eyes and mouths to create spooky faces.  Peel the mandarins, leaving the pith on to create a pumpkin look.  Place the end of a chive in the top to look like the top of a pumpkin and serve up to your hungry little monsters.



Scary Monster Burgers

We’ve modified our Beef Burger recipe with a Halloween twist.

Cut cheese slices into triangles and display poking out of the bun to look like scary monster teeth! Slice a pickle lengthwise to create tongues.  Place olives into tooth picks and pierce the top of the hamburger bun for eyes!

monster burgers

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Happy Halloween.

Published 25.10.2017, Words by: Sara McPhail,